MEDEA // The Black Sea Diary

The Black Sea Diary, a unique sound portrait of the Black Sea, those who live on its shores, and what thrives beneath its waters.

Medea is an original composition based on recordings of radio waves as well as voice and sound fragments collected by Soundwalk Collective during a two-month crossing in a sailing boat specially equipped with scanners, microphones and high-range aerials. 
Medea reaches into Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Crimea, Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria and embarks on a sound reading of a region of the world whose quivering beauty remains cruel and obscure – akin to the ancient Medea.

The Soundwalk Collective departed from the port of Istanbul for a two-month sailing trip along the coast of the Black Sea, with the purpose of collecting and composing the sounds that will make up the sound project.

The Baltic Sea - The Mediterranean of the North

The Baltic Sea
The Mediterranean of the North
in the Light of Geographical, Natural, Archaeological and Historical Research
from Ancient to Early Medieval (XI/XII) Times

The conference will be held in Gdansk, Poland, from 4 to 7 June 2014.

This International Session had been inspired by the reflection over the meaning of the Baltic , as the element which since the most ancient times had been a challenge to communities living there, being the space connecting many countries and cultures.
The Conference will be devoted to the presentation of results of research on the Archaeological, Historical and Natural Sciences of the Baltic Sea region. The objective of the conference is to bring together palaeobotanists, geologists, geographers, archeologists and historians and provide a platform for exchange of scientific information and experience among the participants as well as broadening the scope of interdisciplinary collaboration.

For more details, please refer to the attachment or visit the following website:

International Congress of Maritime Museums 2013

Entre o dia 8 e 15 de Setembro, reunir-se-á em Cascais, conforme informação em anexo, o Congresso Internacional dos Museus Marítimos.         
É a primeira vez que este congresso internacional se reúne em Portugal, sendo acolhido pelo Museu do Mar, em Cascais.

"The Excavation of the Nossa Senhora da Consolação (1608)"

The Excavation of the Nossa Senhora da Consolação (1608), de Alejandro Mirabal, está já disponível nas principais livrarias online e algumas livrarias seleccionadas. Este é o segundo livro publicado pela Arqueonautas Worldwide e retrata a escavação desta nau portuguesa afundada junto à Ilha de Moçambique durante o cerco holandês de 1608. Os trabalhos arqueológicos realizados revelaram aquela que é provavelmente a maior estrutura de madeira de um casco de uma nau da rota da Índia alguma vez encontrada.